A Journey Through Flavor Chasing


There are only two accepted known vaping sub-genres: flavor-chasing and cloud-chasing. These sub-genres shaped every vaper’s experience and the pathway to continue developing and improving all known vaping devices. This article will be focused on deep diving through the world of flavor-chasing.

The Flavor Enthusiasts of Vaping

E-liquids for vaping have tons of flavors to offer and are available. Most have improved flavors similar to what anyone could get from smoking a cigarette to make vaping more appealing as a better smoking cessation. While some are, flavors that are very new and highly unlikely to be tasted with a regular cigarette provide a whole new experience that is only achievable with vaping. The taste of an e-liquid relies on the amount of VG or Vegetable Glycerin. It is one of the main components of an e-liquid, alongside PG or Propylene Glycol. Some e-liquids have a 50/50 ratio between the two, and some have a different ratio to provide a different kind of experience or cater to a specific vaper’s needs. So much so these specified e-liquid mixtures won’t deliver their best quality or the desired vaping experience once used on an inappropriate vaping device. It holds, especially in flavor-chasing, where the full-rounded taste of an e-liquid flavor is to be expected when vaping. Getting the full note of the taste of an e-liquid provides a very satisfying vaping experience way different from a normal vaping basis. That is why the flavor-chasing genre of vaping continues to grow, with so many vapers becoming flavor enthusiasts of vaping.

Elements for Achieving the Correct Flavor-Chasing Experience

Contrary to the belief of many that the taste of an e-liquid relies too much on the ratio between PG and VG, the real truth lies somewhere else. It is possible to get the full-note taste of an e-liquid regardless of its PG/VG ratio as long as it is used on a correct vaping device suitable for flavor-chasing—making the correct vaping mod is the main factor for flavor-chasing. Mechanical vaping mods are not suitable for the flavor-chasing experience. These vaping mods draw too much power to create massive chunks of vapor while muting the flavor of the e-juice because of too much heat. That is why variable vaping mods are best used if the taste of the e-liquid is far more important to a vaper than the vapor size. But using a variable mod is insufficient to get the expected full-rounded taste of an e-liquid. For the full flavor-chasing experience, all the factors, including minor ones, should be taken considered. For example, setting the wattage of a variable mod between 40 to 75 watts can bring better taste. While vaping on a higher wattage produces more vapors and a less noticeable taste on an e-liquid as the wattage increases. Another minor factor that can be adjusted to make an e-liquid taste better when vaping is choosing the right atomizer. RDA and RDTA are kings in cloud-chasing, while RTA atomizers are the best for a better taste in e-liquid. The last minor factor to be considered is the coils. Coil builds with lower resistance are better when producing more vapers. In comparison, coils with higher resistance provide better flavor with each puff. With all these factors being considered, a noticeable change in the taste when vaping will be experienced.


Flavor-chasing is a very complex sub-genre of vaping that requires a lot of process and patience. But once achieved, the results of all the hard work are the best ones in vaping. Although to reward those who stick until the end of this article, there’s one simple trick to achieve a proper flavor-chasing experience without all the hassle of traditional vaping. Using a disposable vape or a pod kit designed to flesh out the taste of the e-liquid more than producing clouds of vapor is one simple bypass to have the best vaping experience in terms of flavors. Thanks to the modern improvement in vaping, these two vaping devices made flavor-chasing far easier and accessible with almost zero problems.


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