How To Buy A Good 613 Wig


If you’ve bought lots of wigs in the past, you would agree it’s no easy feat. Trying to find the best quality wig can leave you more confused than when you began.

However, if your favorite type of wig is the 613 wig, buying a good one might require even more attention to detail. You would have to factor in things like head size, originality, and texture of material. So, the first thing you should check for when you are buying a new 613 wig is how authentic it is, and then how properly it fits on your head.

There are a few other things you should check when you want to get a 613 wig. This article will also explain why these hair wigs are called 613 wigs.

Why is it called the 613 wig?

The name “613” that is attached to female hair wigs is a number grading for a blonde color dye that most people use. The 613 wig has the exact color of the dye when it’s applied on the hair. Hence, the name, “613 wigs”.

How to buy a good 613 wig

If buying a good 613 wig is a bit of a challenge for you, the steps below will help you make the right choice.

Check the authenticity of the 613 hair

If you want a wig that will last long, then checking its authenticity is important. Check if the wig is a human hair wig or a synthetic/fake wig. A virgin human wig may be more expensive, but it will last longer. Conversely, the synthetic or fake wig is cheaper but with far less durability.

Check for a fitting 613 wig cap construction for yourself

Checking for the perfect cap construction is very important because you don’t want the wig falling off your head when you are out. This takes into account the size of your head and the cap construction that fits it tightly and perfectly. There are many types of wig cap constructions for different head sizes. Your supplier can always help you find yours.

Find a style of 613 wig that suits your personality

As you probably know, what you wear speaks so much about your personality, and wigs on your head don’t work any differently. An office worker styles her wig differently from someone looking to go out on a date. The same applies for different work professions and duties. Select the wig that complements the outing and style you want. There’s always a style to suit every personality.

Price of the wig

The truth is that different suppliers offer different prices to their 613 wigs. You may have to carry out proper research to get the best price for the wig. Don’t let it overwhelm you; talk with suppliers about discounts and MOQ to get the best option.


A 613 blonde wig is a rare blonde wig. It enhances beauty just like many other wigs in the market with an added poise. Buying a good one from the market might seem a bit difficult, but getting started with these three tips can help you ease the stress. The first step is to make sure the wig is authentic, and then check how well the cap fits.


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